Dark Sun: Into the belly of the beast

Going home

She’d worked hard on this form. Anyone who thinks beauty comes easy just doesn’t know what’s involved. But as she approached Tyr, at the end of a mission well concluded, her thoughts turned ,as they always did at these times, to her form to come. An icy blonde perhaps, or maybe a dark-haired man, all toned muscles and puppy-dog eyes.

Admittedly, it was a little too soon to make a decision. The political situation in Tyr was febrile. Free distribution of water had been a radical move, but how long would it last? The best that could be hoped for was to push the city some way, some small but irrevocable way, towards a fairer settlement between the minority and the majority. A step in the right direction.

But until she got back into the thick of it, there was no way to tell how best to ensure this progress. What form would be most convenient.

Revealing the Executioner to the Templar (of course he was a Templar) had been a calculated risk. If he could really add to the myth, making a vigilante into a popular hero, then the risk could pay off. If not… well, Templars could die quite anonymously these days. And with the disappearance of Alakesse, even if the killing were to be investigated, no one would ever be brought to account for it.

Still, this form had worked out pretty well so far. She’d done well in combat, and found a pleasing young man to enjoy in those long nights under the stars. All in all, a very satisfying few days.

Perhaps she would keep this form a little longer.



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