Dark Sun: Into the belly of the beast

Rewards for a job well done!


Keon didn’t need to be asked twice. He pushed her back into a shadowy corner, his hands grasping for the buckles on her armour. Fianna almost always wanted to celebrate the end of a job this way and he had no qualms about abetting her, whatever their location.

This time they found themselves in a darkened corner of a temple, having fought off the last of the raiders who’d been terrorizing this reclusive sect. They had only stumbled across this small community by accident as they journeyed between jobs. One of the monks had realised that the weary travellers they’d offered hospitality to were the best chance they had at survival and implored the head of their order to request their aid. The monk’s account of the repeated attacks on their community convinced both Fianna and Keon that the raiders needed to be stopped. And as Fianna enthusiastically exclaimed “They were the team to do it!”

That had been a few days ago. The raids were regular and frequent according to the monks – resistance was not expected. They’d wiped out the first raiding party before they’d realised they were under attack. The group sent to investigate that night were warier, but soon succumbed to Fianna and Keon’s co-ordinated efforts. Aware that things were about to get tricky they enlisted a couple of novices to hide and keep watch nearby, so that they would get as much warning as possible of the raiders’ approach. They then used a mix of obstacles, obvious and hidden traps, to coax the attackers to traverse the area to the defenders advantage. When the attack came, their improvised plans worked. Despite several retreats to regroup, the raiders never recovered from their chaotic first attack. Their arrogance and overconfidence had been their downfall. When Fianna removed the head of their leader it was only a matter of time before the rest fell.

And now here they were….Keon’s hands sliding under Fianna’s now loosened armour to that soft skin that was such a pleasure to touch, while she wrapped those long, lithe legs round his waist. As their tongues sparred, he shifted them further into the shadows, making for a dark alcove behind a side alter. Who knew when the inhabitants would creep from their hiding place in the cellar to discern the outcome of the battles. He certainly had no desire to be interrupted and he doubted Fianna would react well.

With that in mind he eased them down behind the alter where they couldn’t be easily seen and got to work removing his lover’s garments. He soon found himself flipped onto his back, Fianna astride him, her nimble fingers divesting him of any remaining clothes. As they writhed together on the stone floor, Keon tried to internalise his exhilaration, but as her tongue teased the tip of his ear his focus slipped for a heartbeat. He felt her body freeze for an instant before a whispered groan demanded “Do that again!” He frowned, unsure what she meant, but as her tongue slid along his ear once more, he relaxed his focus again and was rewarded with a growl of pleasure. Awareness began to dawn. Keon let part of his mental barrier shift from the walls he normally erected to what felt almost like mirrors. Every sensation he felt he reflected back at Fianna, increasing her arousal as well as his own. He silenced her mouth with his own, conscious that they might be overheard. Their passion mounted swiftly, neither one of them able to hold back or slow down, every touch spurring them on. As their pleasure peaked, Keon felt a wave of elation burst from his mind before he could react. Collapsing breathlessly to the cold floor, Fianna sprawled in his arms, a stray thought zipped through his head – what would happen if he used the reflection idea when fighting?

As they took their leave of the settlement the next morning, Keon smiled wryly to himself. When the monks had emerged from their hiding place they had been full of optimism and cheer. They’d told the pair that they had known when the battle had been won and that they were saved, for they had suddenly been filled with holy exaltation and joy. Keon and Fianna had just smiled, for who were they to say it was otherwise.



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