Dark Sun: Into the belly of the beast

S01 E06 Rat king

The Rat KIng is before them but this does not sway these seasoned adventures. Taking advantage of its lumbering form, it’s immense strength is no match for their lightening quick reflexes. Chopping and jabbing, rats pour out of the sides like a flood, swarming around you till it collapses, and all that’s left is a crumpled heap of rubbish and a few sharp teeth nibbling at your toes.
Now at leasure to search the room, they find a myriad of adventuring gear as if people had been coming here from all over the kingdom for a long time. Nothing quiet as fine as your current weapons but marketable.
The rope hanging from the ceiling now comes to mind. Climbing up it a small damp chamber is revealed with another hole in the ceiling, this appears to be a tunnel up to the surface. The floor is strangely crunchy and seems to move in the touch light, it is covered in insects and four giant bugs descend on the party.
Swatting and squishing their way to victory only one mantis remains, charmed by a good animal handling roll.
As this is happening one of the party has remained to investigate the rat room and succeeds in picking the first part of the lock, in doing so they observe knives spinning to the side, failure could have dire consequences.
The party joins there comrade and succeed in opening the ornate doors depicting oceans, a blast of cold damp air is released…………………………..



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