Dark Sun: Into the belly of the beast

Street Rats!

Keon grimaced, rats…why were there always rats. He kicked a dead rat across the room in disgust. Tiny critters got everywhere.

Alexander had hated rats too, but Keon suspected this was partially due to food being scarce when he was young. The young man almost had a compulsion to kill them if he knew they were near. Still – it had given the young men some basic hunting practice….very basic.

The memory of the two of them running about the streets, picking up odd jobs and brawling for change made Keon’s heart warm. Those times had been tough, but they’d had fun. Alex had shown him what the city streets were like and he had adjusted. To this day he didn’t know what it was that had led Alex to take him under his wing, but he appreciated it. They’d been like brothers – sometimes told people they were too. There were few girls who couldn’t resist those lithe, blond, young men when they aimed the full force of their charm. Those had been interesting times.

Now was not the time for such rememberings though. It wasn’t safe here, Keon could sense the danger like a lovers caress. Scanning the area for threats, he turned to where his companions had headed and made to catch up.



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