Dark Sun: Into the belly of the beast

Intro The Story Begins

You are in the City of Tyr, ruled by the brutal sorcerer King Kalak.
A promulgation has gone out, the king is dead. Orders now come from a powerful members of society, Lord Hemtal is ‘temporary’ protector till a council can be convened.
Rumour is rife, word has it a slave uprising has toppled the sorcerer tyrant.
Civilisation is unstable, power plays are being made. All the old contract and accords no longer hold. The King no longer protects the Templars and those with out magic to strike back are openly attacked in revenge for their past sins.
Now a posted bill has gone up in the bars frequented by mercenaries, the elf market, gladiator ludus and other less salubrious places in the city. A call to arms.

Adventurers willing to go where other fear to tread are called to protect their city. A mission of immeasurable danger but fitting reward.
Immense wealth and power awaits those that succeed in this mission.
Be warned by coming to the meeting place you are agreeing to this mission, all that enter the circle agree to never speak to another of what they are commissioned to do and you will endeavour to fullfill it or forfeit your life.
If thou be strong of body and courageous of heart, come to the stone circle.

Most of you will know that the stone circle is not far out side the city, it is not marked on the maps but is known be reputation. It is a cursed magical place few go near.



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