Dark Sun: Into the belly of the beast

Twilight Watch

It was still twilight when Keon, closely followed by Alakesse, took up their posts for the last watch of the night. From the looks of him, Finley had been barely awake during his watch & was snuggled back in his hat within seconds of the changeover. Keon wondered if they should perhaps rethink the order they took watches to best utilise the times Finley was most alert. It was of no matter right now though – the night had apparently been quiet so far and Keon hoped that would remain true.

He stretched for a moment to loosen the tension in his muscles & push away any remaining sleepiness. He let his eyes sweep across the camp, checking where all his companions were bunked down. He could see Chewy propped against one of the mounts, smiling in his sleep, while the other beasts cuddled close. Keon smiled fondly. His friend had a way with creatures that was for sure, much more than he had with people. He would be a safe pair of hands to leave the mounts with if they found they couldn’t take them with them all the way.

As he sat down on the sand to settle into watchfulness, his eyes strayed to the Elf that had joined them. Keon frowned, uncertain. There was something odd about that man. He was sure that the newcomer had clocked his half-breed nature, but unlike practically every other Elf he’d met, there was no barrage of insults or attempts as violence. He could be wrong, but he got the distinct impression that he was trying to be…..fatherly…..towards him. Keon was baffled. Sure – the guy said he had kids, but that didn’t usually mean a father would treat all those around him as if they were also his children! Well…some of those around him. And especially not a dirty half-breed abomination!

Keon took a breath, releasing it slowly to calm the flash of anger at the thought of the insults he’d had drilled into him for as long as he remembered. He was no abomination. He was an honourable man. But no Elf would agree with him….or so he’d thought. He was going to have to learn more of this Elf. He was a conundrum that was certain.

His mind calm again, he let his eyes survey their campsite once more to make sure he hadn’t projected his anger, accidentally disturbing the others. Satisfied all was still and his emotions were contained, he shifted his attention outward of the camp with just a brief lingering glance over the shapely curves of Kiera. Another beautiful woman he thought, though this one he suspected had a more eclectic skillset than the rest of the party. Pondering, he wondered if she’d have been as keen as Alakesse had been to help him massage salve on his wounds. It was a moot point though – Alakesse had a dexterous touch that had been as soothing as the salve. Spending time in her company was a pleasure without a doubt and one that he hoped would remain of mutual interest for a while longer. There was something exciting about her, which he suspected was a subconscious inkling that she was as deadly as she was beautiful. He just hoped that their odd Elf companion would stop trying to spoil the mood with talk of babies. They might be indulging in the pleasure of each other, but they weren’t reckless teenagers! Besides – life could be short round here.



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