Finley La Croix (Gentleman Goblin)

Gentleman Goblin Shaman about town, don'tcha know?


Finley stands a little under 4 feet tall. His stove-pipe-hat also stands a little under 4 feet fall, making him 8 ft tall in total he insists.

Sir Finley La Croix is a Gentleman Goblin, he has to be, he has a hat, a cape, and a pocket watch. who would doubt such a gentleman?

Finley is dressed in a plane linencloth tunic, over dark red leather armour. Over this he wears a brown leather hide cloak and matching brown leather hide stove-pipe hat, which is clearly made of many pieces.

His skin is a mid green that darkens as it is exposed to the sun, because goblin skin contains chlorophyll and he photosynthesizes as a result.

Finley carries vicious sharp bone pins all over his outfit, some of which are in a doll at his side. He also carries carved totem pole (kept in his hat) and Rocky’s Heart Stone (in his hat)


Sir Finley La Croix was not always called La Croix… originally he was called Bullwinkle.

Bullwinkle was born in the Elemental Chaos, where most Goblins from Athas fled. But at age 5 his parents decided he would have a better life returned to the mortal world. His parents left him to a halfling druid in one of the few thriving forests.

Finley was never one of the halflings most courageous fighters, he wasn’t a great hunter, they even tried having him as food once, but goblins taste awful!
His green chloroform skin gave him a natural connection to the land, and the local shaman saw this and ran with it, training Bully in the ways of a shaman.

He was content but not happy until the first Caravan attack he went on. He didn’t agree with the halflings methods of taking human captives as food and stayed behind, riding the caravan into town, using the ID of Finley La Croix to trade in the city. From that moment on he was Finley La Croix

It should have been difficult for a goblin to make his way in the world, but it helps to have command over the elements,. Finley was able to sell water, fire, and rock, make a name for himself as an traveling healer looking after cavans wherever they ventured

but this was never Finley’s mission, Finley want’s to see goblins recognised as free citizens. He had a deal with the sourcer king of Tyr beforehw did. now he needs to secure the same

Finley La Croix (Gentleman Goblin)

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