Quick guide 10,000 bd = 1,000 bits =100 Cp = 10 sp = 1 gp.

Most citys manufacture their own currency out of ceramics, they are glazing with special pigments (their recipies an secret) to discorage forgary. They all have kilned markings so their origin can be traced. A Ceramic Piece (Cp) can be split up into 10 Ceramic bits (bits). A 'Ceramic Piece' has simular to a gold coin and a 'bit' a silver coin in the normal compain setting.

Small lead beeds (bd) have less valiable but still need a makers hall make as lead has value in its self and can have sand added to it 'water it down'. There are 10 bd in a bit or 100 bd in a Cp. beeds are simular to copper coins in the less metal poor worlds.

Only the very powerful such as the Sorcerer King, High Nobles and rich Merchant houses have the resourses to mint their own coins from metal. These are for both pratical reasons (large transactions) and commemorative coins. When comparing them with other D and D worlds, Silver would be valued more like platinum and gold is beyond anything any citizen can imagine, there is no equivelent. 



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