Social Order

The Sorcerer Kings
Strong in arcane magic, these hated tyrants rule with an iron fist. King Kalak rules Tyr

The Templars
Officials and enforcers of the King, sometimes endowed with his power. Under the kings protection they feel safe in openly practicing magic and using it against the public. They are feared almost as must as the King him self.

The Nobles
Aristocats who’s ancestor have inherited water and fertile land, usually at the behest of the King. While the Templars technically have seniority over them, they are wary of making them their enemy as the Lords control food and water supples and some have the kings ear.

The Merchant Houses
Controlling trade and travel (most will join their caravans for protection) They have become rich and powerful. The big houses such as ‘The Trimmers’ almost rival the Nobles. Templars are wary of harassing them as they might find certain goods hard to find.

Free Citizens
Although most citizens are under the rule of others, free citizens are not quite slaves and manage to live life the best way they can at their own whim.

A very hard life, living out side the city means you have less opportunity to better you self and most live in utter poverty. It is arguable weather slaves live better lives.

They may not be free but they have great value, a gladiator that does well might earn power above that of the free citizens. Killing a slave belonging to another can have grave consequences.

Nomads and hermits
Most of society consider those that roam the lands to be worthless scavengers. When you enter the city you will be treated with suspicion. Some will class you as no better than the murderous and feral Elves. At least a slave is useful and has value.

Social Order

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