The races

Descendants 1/2 dwarf 1/2 human union. Stature and agility of humans with the resilience and endurance of dwarfs. Because they are so tough they often end up as slaves.
Favour: Fighter, Barbarian and Battlemind.

Mantis like, hunt in packs and totally adapted to the harsh climate. They are expert survivors and pragmatic hunters. Nimble and Psionic.
They are very alien to the other races, they have strange practices and beliefs.
Favour Monks, Druid and rangers.

Dragon Born (known as Dray)
Created by the sorcerer-king Dregoth in the city-state Giustinal most were destroyed along with their city-state. They are now a race of brutally pragmatic refugees living on the fringes of Athasians society. Dragonborn often work as slavers, speculators, deal brokers, or moneylenders. Some have a natural gift for arcane magic which they offer for hire.

Athasian dwarves are similar to dwarves in other settings but usually have little to no hair. They have no culture or cities of their own but are gifted artisans of stone and metal.

While there are romantic rumours of hidden paradises and oasis that injured travellers are carried of to, this is far from the truth. As the world started to die they retired to hidden palaces, these now rote and decay. But Eladrin still consider them selves the last vestige of civilisation. They are entitled arse holes.

Most of society consider them to be uncanny and untrustworthy. They do not ride animals considering it shameful, instead they run in nomadic tribes. They scavenge from the dead and plunder the unwary. They sell it at the elf market, ill gotten but cheep. Most elves are feral and wild.

Half Elf
Considered disgusting and untrustworthy my both races. Elves would rather abandon a female to the sands than let it come to term. Humans will always find you suspicious. Half breeds tend to develop self-reliance as a result.

Half-giants are magically generated human-giant hybrids created by the sorcerer-kings as slave soldiers. Because of their magical origins they have no culture of their own instead adopting the mores and customs of whatever culture they find themselves among. More intelligent than their counterparts in other worlds, but with a tendency to change personalities over time. Half-giants can only mate with other half-giants. In the city-states they are soldiers, warriors, or mercenaries. In the wilds they are feral barbarians or shamans

Distant cousins of the halflings, driven from the lush lands they adapted to scavenging under the fierce desert sun. Diminutive and opportunistic they are often found in cities, riding the coat tails of those in power. Others reject the civilised word and try and reconnect with their scared world.

Oldest race on Athas with a culture dating back to the distant past they are a tribal people. A secretive and profound culture that reveres nature. They largely live in isolated tribes in the jungles of Forest Ridge. This has breed stories and suspicions They are now known for being savage, often cannibalistic.

Offspring of humans and demons who wander the wastes raiding, stealing, and killing for survival. Those who dwell in the cities serve as enforcers, gladiators, and assassins. Many tieflings believe that their parentage came with a debt that they seek to make good on. Others think the debt cannot be repaid and lives of debauchery and vice.

The races

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