The land is dying, arcane arts defile life and great wars ravaged the world till almost nothing remains. Yet creation hangs on to the edge of the precipice.
Magic is hated and few but the sorcerer kings and their disciples the Templar dare use it. They are hated and people are no better than slaves to their whims. They extend their lives to near immortality and now few know of any thing other than scraping a life from the sand.
Only ruins are left of the old world, their decaying skeletons of stone, ghosts of better times.
While you be lent magic by a Sorcerer king and steal life from all around you? Maybe you will try an preserve life and take the hard Road to magic?
There are many opportunities to be taken advantage of, scavenging or slaying, slave or Lord. There are jobs to be done.

Dark Sun: Into the belly of the beast

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