Dark Sun: Into the belly of the beast

Excerpt from the diary of Rolthos

For what I in mind have, there several considerations are. Tieflings mistrusted are. I to my advantage could use that; by fear lead, even for benevolent ends. Or I trust create could; some incident engineer that my race in a good light paints.

The latter a much harder task is; to the opinion of an entire city change, in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. My race to ourselves to others endear not much done have. It curious is; I the only one with this itch for more born cannot be, yet most with piracy and banditry content are.

For the former, I the fear to direct need. The people that they our piracy to their own ends could use convince. That our banditry a replacement for their former King’s might could be. Perhaps I some goods that to from a Tiefling raid be purport fence could.

Another, perhaps more insipid problem. The people content with the current arrangement are. And nobody a return to the old King wishes. Yet. Lord Hemtel (the appearance of) stability provides.

What stability Lord Hemtel provide cannot? Simple. He no magical power wields, either direct or indirect. In the face of an arcane threat he powerless would be. So I a magical crisis create. Not obvious; not overt; a few mysterious deaths here and there a renewed suspicion create should. And if I by magic use them cause can, all the better.

The existing bureaucracy useful would be; to an entire machinery of state from the ground rebuild? Unthinkable. And that where you come in is, Gallard. Yes, Gallard, I that you reading this are know. You that obvious always are.

I the inner workings of the city navigate cannot. I you for this need. And this me in a vulnerable position places. With this information what you will do.


Piers: totally up to you if Gallard is actually reading Rolthos’s diaries. It plays to Rolthos’s advantage if he is, and costs him nothing if he isn’t.

Amanda: I’m kinda sorta hinting at what Rolthos was off doing in the last session. Whatever works for you.

Everyone else: have fun trying to read the grammar lol

Excerpt from the diary of Rolthos

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